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The Economic Development Association of New Jersey was formed in 1953 to promote a sound economy in the State of New Jersey, and to provide an exchange of professional and technical information with respect to economic development.

During the five plus decades of EDANJ's existence, the level of sophistication in the fields of finance, real estate, international trade and environmental matters has changed dramatically. Today's professionals must continually seek educational and technical training in order to remain competitive. Therefore, EDANJ's meetings include short seminars on a broad array of subjects from transportation to green building.

Our organization has also established liaisons with numerous governmental departments on state and local levels, and with associated business associations. These connections keep our members informed of the initiatives generated by them and help our association respond to matters that affect economic growth in our State.

Educational scholarships are available to members who wish to obtain additional credentials in Economic Development through our affiliation with the Northeastern Economic Developers Association. NEDA is currently offering the opportunity to receive the EDP (Economic Development Professional) certification. This designation recognizes significant professional education and/or experience in the field of economic development or closely related disciplines.

As we face today's great challenge of a global economy amid environmental regulations and "not in my backyard" opposition, EDANJ seeks to improve the economic conditions of our State through education, information, and partnerships.

Our members represent developers; state, county and municipal government; railroads; utilities; commercial brokerage firms; financial institutions; and other economic development professionals.

We hope you will join us and become an active member of EDANJ.

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